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This year 190,000 permanent visas have been allocated for new migrants to make Australia their home. In addition an uncapped number of various temporary visas are available. In most cases to obtain one of these visas involves a complex, multi-stage application process.

Our Business Solutions Team can provide a deep understanding of immigration law to businesses needing professional advice about, and assistance with, obtaining an Australian visa. Our team is set up to act quickly on these matters, handling the complexities of paper work and communications with relevant authorities to ensure that the visa process runs as smoothly as possible.

Getting you through immigration is the one thing you won’t have to worry about.

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Call us and speak to one of our migration lawyers and in 10 minutes you’ll know everything you’ll need to know about your relocation options. We’ll talk you through the best pathway for your entry into Australia, whether it’s for you, your business, or your staff.

We’ll outline exactly what the application process involves, advise you of any issues and how we can work with you to overcome them. By the end of the call you'll know exactly what your options are, how much it will cost, how long it will take and what we can do to make the journey as smooth as possible.



The Australian Business Talent Visa is a permanent business skills visa that allows the highest calibre of business owners to contribute to the success of a new or existing Australian business. This visa requires State or Territory government sponsorship.


Anyone under the age of 55 who can demonstrate prior experience in running a successful business and can meet the minimum level of assets threshold.


Successful applicants and holders of an Australian Business Talent Visa are entitled to live, work and study in Australia as a permanent resident.


Applications are by invitation only. To be invited to apply, applicants must lodge an Expression of Interest (EOI), be less than 55 years of age, be nominated by a state or territory government, and meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have total personal and business assets with a net value of at least AUD$1,500,000 (AUD$400,000 of which must be net assets in the business), and have a business turnover of at least AUD$3,000,000, OR
  • Have obtained at least AUD$1,000,000 in funding through AVCAL (the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association).

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