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With Europe and the United Kingdom facing an uncertain future, the time has never been better to migrate to Australia.

With a buoyant economy, political stability and a shortage of skilled workers, employers across Australia are looking to secure the best talent in their field. Ark Migration can guide you through every step of your journey – from offering quality professional advice, to taking you through the skill assessments and managing the application process from start to finish.

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Call us and speak to one of our migration lawyers and in 10 minutes you’ll know everything you’ll need to know about your personal travel and visa options.

We’ll talk you through the best pathway for your provisional entry into Australia and outline the application process in a way you can understand.

We’ll explain how long it will take, how much it will cost and how we can help make the journey as smooth as possible.

About our Personal Visa Application Service

By choosing to engage Ark Migration to manage your personal visa application, you’ll have access to your own personal migration lawyer from the time of your initial consultation to the day you receive your visa(s). We’ll handle all correspondence with the relevant government authorities on your behalf and you’ll have full visibility to the progress of your application at every stage during the process.

Our Personal Solutions Visa Service includes:

A detailed assessment of your objectives

  • We’ll review your personal circumstances to see if you can meet the current visa requirements
  • We’ll identify all options available and recommend the most appropriate pathway based on your objectives and timeframes
  • We’ll guide you on the necessary supporting documentation you will need to provide
  • We’ll advise you on the costs, the timeframes and the likelihood of your application being successful

Managing your application

  • We’ll work with you to you obtain and provide all the necessary documentation
  • We’ll conduct a detailed check of all the supporting evidence you provide and ensure that the basic requirements can be satisfied
  • We’ll complete the required application forms in consultation with you, ensuring that the information provided is accurate and thorough

Processing your application

  • We’ll conduct a final review of your application form and all the necessary documentation to ensure your application is complete
  • We’ll provide supporting letters to the relevant Government authorities where relevant
  • We’ll finalise and submit your application on your behalf to the relevant authorities
  • We’ll respond to all correspondence from the Government and relevant authorities regarding your application on your behalf


  • We’ll keep you up to date with all correspondence relating to your application
  • We’ll notify you of the results of your application once a decision has been made
  • We’ll provide advice and guidance on how to make your transition to Australia as smooth as possible

Our Personal Visa Application Service includes unlimited phone and online support.


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